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Thessaly Storm Lerner

Born in an electric storm at home in Northern California, Thessaly Storm Lerner's electric voice has worked on countless projects for clients, and is best known for voicing the Teen Girl in EA's The Sims 2 videogames, and still gets fan mail for playing Lisa Garland in Sony's cult videogames "Silent Hill 1 and 3".

Thessaly has a background in improv, comedy, opera, and writing, and holds a BFA in acting from Emerson College. She is the producer/writer/narrator of the acclaimed true crime podcast Disorganized Crime: Smuggler's Daughter, now in development for TV with Village Roadshow, and is the creator/writer/star of Dreamwork TV's animated series Astrid Strudelman - The Unicorn Whisperer. In addition to voiceover, Thessaly runs the narrative podcast studio Rainbow Valentine Studios and is a singer-songwriter known as The Ukulady.

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