Directing & Demos

Thessaly has been casting, coaching, directing, and producing voiceover for over 20 years. She was mentored in San Francisco by the iconic Susan McCollom, the voice of Albertson's Supermarkets, and in LA Lerner partnered with audio specialist Paul Hollman to offer voiceover workshops and produce VO demos.

Today Thessaly does private coaching via Zoom for all levels and ages, and produces custom-written voiceover demos as well as VO casting and directing.

"I learned more about voiceover in 1 hour from Thessaly than in my entire career."

- Malcolm Jamal Warner

Private Coaching

1 hour on Zoom: $125

30 minutes on Zoom: $75

1 hour in fancy studio (LA, SF, ATL): $175

Voiceover Demos: $1350

Custom demos include 2 private coaching sessions, custom scripts, recording session in studio with direction and fully produced demo with music/sfx/mix/master.